The Children's Libraries Club (Klubko) at the SKIP of the Karlovy Vary Region was established in 2003. At present, Klubko associates the staff of the department for children from 15 libraries of the Karlovy Vary Region. Karlovarské Klubko is actively involved in the activities of the National Children's Library Club, participating in its projects and activities.

Borderless Games
This event has been taking place since 2007. Its aim is to support reading and expand children's knowledge and to promote the work of children's departments of public libraries in the Karlovy Vary Region. Each year is thematically focused - we have chosen 100 for this year's games. Each year is thematically focused - for this year's games we chose 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDATION OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA.

I don't stutter - I read!
The main objective of the project is to promote the activities of libraries, to support the active cooperation of the libraries of the Karlovy Vary Region, especially in the area of innovation of children's departments of public libraries and, last but not least, to strengthen cooperation with primary schools in the regions of the Karlovy Vary Region. In terms of children's reading, the project focuses on developing and promoting reading, promoting public reading and introducing interesting new children's literature titles to children's readers.

Where the World Ends
"Where the World Ends" is a project of the SKIP Children's Library Club. The first stage of this event took place in 2000-2001 with the participation of Dagmar Havlová. The aim of the project is to develop and support children's reading, to promote public reading, to promote the activities of libraries, to cover and innovate the activities of children's departments of public libraries.

In the period 2017-2018, the 11th year was held with the theme: I'm your man.

Forests around Us

Art competition for children from kindergartens and pupils of primary and elementary art schools in the Karlovy Vary Region, organized in cooperation with Lesy ČR s.p. An average of 15 libraries of the region participate in it every year, collecting the work of small artists in the local rounds and then evaluating and exhibiting them within their community, and the best ones advance to the regional round. The announcement of the results is then held as a regular event within the Library Week.

Literary Competition

In 2018, the 12th annual Literary Competition for Amateur Authors from the Czech Republic will be announced in the Library Week. On average, 50 authors from all regions of the Czech Republic regularly report their contributions (stories reflecting the motto of the competition selected from the latest book of the year's patron). Competition patrons in the past were: Anna Bolavá (2017), Jiří Hájíček (2016), Miloš Urban (2015), Věra Nosková (2014), Petra Soukupová (2013), Radek Malý (2012), Martin Ryšavý (2011), Tomáš Zmeškal (2010), Petra Hůlová (2009), David Zábranský (2008) a Josef Formánek (2007). The best work of the year will always appear in the printed Almanac competition.

Escape Game

The library is a multicultural place where you will find many things. And because libraries go with the times, a very popular escape game is on offer today. More precisely two. Candidates can choose between the Guardian of Stories and the "Killer". Both games are based on literature. The goal is to get out of the closed room within 60 minutes by solving a mystery consisting of a series of quizzes, ciphers, mysterious messages. No special skills or knowledge is needed. All you have to do is plug in your imagination, intuition and common sense.

... and much more ...

The Libraries of the Karlovy Vary Region offer its readers and users a wealth of various events for all ages.

From children from kindergartens (Passing first-graders, discussions, art workshops, etc.), through pupils of both levels of primary schools (discussions to support reading, afternoon programs for the public
in departments for children ...), high school students (excursions and thematic lectures on information education, leisure activities) to working age adults and seniors (computer and language courses, lectures on regional topics, reading support events, gaming and film clubs,
literary clubs for seniors, readings and book launch, culinary events and much more).

Libraries also offer special programs for disadvantaged groups of readers, including sign language interpreting, etc.