We Like Jihlava

The educational cycle of the Jihlava library, which presents the participants and introduces them to Jihlava from different angles. It combines lectures and discussions with experts and authors reading of Jihlava writers. The first part of the cycle, including lectures on the history of Jihlava and World War II in Jihlava met with extraordinary public interest.

Brod's Legends with Your Own Eyes and Legs

The Vysočina Regional Library has published 2 parts of the comic book with the most famous Havlíčkův Brod legends. They are followed by a thematic education program for children - together they travel with the lecturer to places that are connected with legends. It is part of the interpretation and an example of exhibits in the Vysočina Museum, which may be ties to legends.

Library Alive or Don't Judge
a Book by Its Cover

A special "library" in Pelhřimov, where people are lent instead of books. These live books are "read" through interviews, thereby revealing their fate. "Books" are interesting personalities who tell their life stories and experiences.

... plus a whole range of events and activities ...

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