After a one-year operation of the bibliotherapy project for a closed group of clients, Ledovec, z.s., we have opened hours open to the public since April 2018. We meet regularly once a week. Are you worried about something? Do you have bad moods? Did spring fatigue come to you? Come and try book therapy with Martina Košanová.


A new research library debating format to get to know with a career of invited personalities spiced up with personal experience, you will discover the positive and the pitfalls of their profession. Every month we present one profession through a prominent person who represents it. You can ask everything you are interested in - Direct speech is a series of newly created discussions, where through the help of successful personalities the general public is introduced to a particular profession and gains a unique view of the profession.


The Meeting Literature project aims to show European literature in Pilsen and offer it to the general public. The idea of the project is to collect books from all over Europe, which are then placed in cafes, bars and other places of cultural life in Pilsen. At the same time, a map of the city is created, where all the "Literary corners" are marked and thanks to which everyone can orientate more quickly. The goal of the project is not only to shorten coffee time with a good book, but to encourage people's taste for learning foreign languages.


Every year, it takes place in several places in the city of Pilsen, which are associated with the Meeting Literature project. Literature Night means unconventional reading at unusual times in unusual places. The idea of the project is present contemporary European literature translated into local language by famous personalities during one evening. The same text is read every thirty minutes, so you can start at any point and discover places / texts in any order. They all have a map and play a night game.


In honor of Vladimír Páral's jubilee (85), we have prepared an exhibition of directorial books of Páral's opuses, correspondence, articles, books and photographs from the collections of the radio director Miroslav Buriánek. A thematic knowledge competition was announced on social networks, one of the author's books was read in the Bookworm Club. The Pilsen Film Club screened Private Whirlwind with the professional introduction of film historian Jan Kastner. The party fest crowned the Marathon Reading from the work of Vladimír Páral, performed by students of SOŠ prof. Švejcara and famous Pilsen personalities and a fun school and the public competition "How many animals will you put together to create a multi-animal, or do you know the work of Vladimir Páral?"


Exhibition for Jiří Suchý's jubilee SVK PK introduced Jiří Suchý's lesser-known work of art. He returned to the graphic work in the 1970s, when the communist regime pushed him back from the media and tolerated his creation only in Semafor Theater. Jiří Suchý at that time created dozens of lithographs that resonate more or less with his lyric and theatrical works. Poetry of his texts finds an original artwork and shows their origin and time of creation in the present.



Inter-regional literary homeland seminar, held for grant support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The organizational and program content of the seminar is alternating among members of the Regional Committees of the Union of Librarians and Information Workers of the Pilsen and South Bohemia Regions. Meetings contribute to deepening the knowledge of librarians from literary history and regional homeland studies, presenting interesting libraries and their activities. Participation in the seminar is an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new professional contacts.