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A nationwide, continuously emerging library magazine (founded in 1949) that contributes to the exchange of experiences and inspires libraries of various types, sizes and focus throughout the Czech Republic. Published by the Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno.


Central Bohemian Region Day

October 28 is celebrated in the Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno since 2006, always in the spirit of interesting themes - a mining and metallurgical library, sports, music, with tea scent, First Republic-like. The day is full of excursions, lectures, workshops, concerts, good food and much more.

Work with Handicapped People and Seniors - Four-Wheel Audio Book

The aim is to mediate listening to the spoken word to all who cannot read well due to disability - to the clients of the senior home, to the blind, to the visually impaired, to the immobile. Several times a month we start a company car at the Central Bohemian Research Library in Kladno and bring audio books to the needy. We never leave empty. In return, we take smiles, hugs, new friendships, stories about the first children's carved puppet theatre, the smell of steam locomotives...

Spider Web of Sharing

We believe that attention is not paid enough to specific work with adult users. Through the activities of this subsection, we want to create a space that enables mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. All this should be helped by personal ties and relationships that we want to support by creating these meetings.

Library Travel, CK Bibliotour

What is the practice in other libraries from the smallest to the largest? Since our region does not have a natural centre, we welcome library excursions associated with the exchange of experience while driving. The library journey takes place every year in the first half of the year. On this occasion we visit new and interesting libraries in Central Bohemia. Bibliotour travel agency takes place irregularly in the second half of the year and we visit libraries in other regions or even beyond the Czech Republic. The event is a benefit, a small Christmas gift for our members.

Pampered End of the Year

It is a program organized before the end of the year (November, December), which aims in particular to enjoy pleasant moments with SKIP members. After a year of educating and looking for inspiration, we see this event as an opportunity to strengthen good collegiate relationships while offering an interesting cultural or historical experience.

... and many other activities ...

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... and more and more activities

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